MatterControl is a free and open source project, designed to be driven and extended by the 3D printing community.


Development of MatterControl is sponsored by MatterHackers and its partners, who believe that transparency and openness is the key to a better future and sharing shouldn't stop after kindergarten.

Explore the MatterHackers GitHub page to follow the latest development and to find out more about contributing code.


Here are some of the open source projects that make up the MatterControl technology platform:

MatterControl - From easy to expert, all in one 3D printing software - MatterContol lets you edit, organize and manage your 3D designs and your 3D printer. Created to help you get the most out of your 3D printer.

MatterSlice - MatterSlice is a C# console application that generates GCode for 3D printing. It is the slicing engine that powers MatterControl.

agg-sharp - Agg-Sharp is the C# port of Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG), a GUI abstraction layer and various c# bits and pieces for developing apps and games.